Blog SeeThru Launches Support Tools and Brandable App for ISPs and MSPs

SeeThru Launches Support Tools and Brandable App for ISPs and MSPs

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SeeThru Networks, the Bristol-based network and service assurance experts have launched their new dashboard and white-label app for end users to self-diagnose connectivity issues.

The app, downloadable from Google Play or the Apple App Store, turns complex network and connectivity status messages into simple red, amber, green traffic light colours for end users to easily see if there’s an issue.

Support Teams can message users through the app to let them know they’re aware of problems and update them as issues are fixed which avoids customers calling, emailing, opening support tickets or taking to social media to complain.

The dashboard, designed for ISP and MSP Support Teams shows customers internet, network and service statuses in one panel to reduce first contact resolution times. Support Teams can remotely run connection and speed tests which factor the device, router and network capacity.

Already integrated with Cisco Meraki, HP Aruba, UniFi, Vantage Cloud, Open NMS, PRTG, Observium, UpTimeRobot and Zabbix, the dashboard and app are in use by ISPs, MSPs and even venue-tech providers to reduce complex issues to easily understandable output.

Customisable for virtually any application or service and fully brandable, the app can be used to convey service messages, planned outages alerts and issue resolution updates, whilst maintaining corporate brand colours, logos and fonts.

CEO of SeeThru Networks, Nick Randall said about the product launch: “Customer expectations for service updates are being reset by the likes of Deliveroo and UberEats. ISPs and their partner MSPs need to respond by providing customers with easy to understand information in real-time. Customers want to self-diagnose problems and receive updates without wasting their time and the customer support time with basic problems.”

Triangle and FibreHop CEO Paul Anslow commented: “The SeeThru platform gives the Fibrehop team access to real-time network usage and status information. This enables us to pinpoint customer connection issues to the exact location of the fault and resolve issues quickly and effectively. By providing our customers with access to the same information via the app, we are able to offer a uniquely transparent customer experience which reduces inbound support calls.”

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