Automate Diagnostics and Service Information Flows

Deliver the right info to the right people at the right time. Improve productivity, customer experience and job satisfaction for your employees.

Enhanced Service Assurance

No matter what the situation, stay in control. Connect your I.T. and Network monitoring systems to more stakeholders. Share status information when you want and with whoever you want. Keep your customers, teams, suppliers, partners and more updated.

Save Time

Reduce reactive inbound/outbound service related contact from your end users and partners.

Save Money

Reduce the time spent on diagnostics for you, your end users and your partners.

Build Reputation

Communicate in real time and be transparent. Be a better partner than your competitors!

More Automated Responses, Fewer Unplanned Reactions

Use NetMinded to build a responsive Service Assurance environment. Build partnerships between your internal and external stakeholder groups. Reduce unplanned, reactive communication between stakeholders which wastes time and creates friction.

Create custom pictures of your status information for all of your stakeholders. You can also use NetMinded to model your key services to work through common fault scenarios.

Identify where a service issue is using our Dependencies view. Automate support input from specialist second-line support teams. Reduce response and resolution times.

Diagnose service issues and alert your customers individually or en-masse, in real time. Drive the real-time customer support conversation with your existing network management systems.

NetMinded Dependencies

How Do We Do All of This?

We do this with our simple to use web Dashboard and mobile App (available on both iOS and Android).

NetMinded App and Dashboard

Use our platform to supercharge your monitoring data.

Translate it so that it has meaning for the different stakeholder groups it needs to serve.

Stream it to those stakeholder groups in a controlled manner.

Automate responses to the data such as outbound messaging that help you meet you business objectives.

NetMinded is available for same day setup at a low monthly cost which scales according to requirements. The App and Dashboard can carry your branding, and additional services can be readily developed and integrated to meet your specific needs.

Be Easier to Work With. Build Reputation. Reduce Costs.

The NetMinded platform provides clarity. Your teams, partners and customers are more empowered. This builds your reputation as a reliable partner that is easy to do business with.

NetMinded reduces diagnostic times for the most common wholesale FTTH faults from days to minutes.

In the UK, OFCOM use ISP service desk call waiting time as metric of quality.

Connectwise report that 20% of MSPs face staff retention problems, with 30% focusing on deploying productivity tools.

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What Our Customers Think

Our customers are implementing improved support strategies with NetMinded.

Mike Bohndiek - PTI Digital

Leveraging the NetMinded platforms, PTI are able to deliver impactful, relevant and clear communication. NetMinded really enables complex IT messages to be translated into understandable – and usable – communications. This enables a focus on the most important tasks and keenly reduces speed of resolution in business-critical moments.

Mike Bohndiek, PTI Digital

Llew Nicholls - Grow Marketing / Grow Coffee House

As with most businesses, we rely on robust internet connectivity and with 3 businesses on one site that adds to the intricacy. With NetMinded we resolved a complex service issue affecting our network. Having a view of the service status across many providers was key in the speedy resolution of this issue.

Llew Nicholls, Grow Marketing / Grow Coffee House

Paul Anslow - Triangle Networks

We’re offering this platform to our customers to help them provide the very best service to their end-users, giving end users control of their services for the first time ever. The NetMinded app allows users to know exactly which service is causing an issue through a simple notification, allowing the problem to be resolved in a fraction of the time.

Paul Anslow, Triangle Networks

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