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NetMinded was founded in 2018 when we established there was a lack of transparency around status information. We discovered this commonly occured within customer support and between stakeholders — with status information often only being accessible to just a couple of individuals, leaving many others in the dark. Partnering with small ISP's and MSP's we devised a goal and a solution to make status information more accessible and transparent.

Fast forward to today and our initial goal has been realised resulting in a web Dashboard with multiple features and integrations, companion Apps on iOS and Android along with a full pipeline of future developments.

We couldn’t have taken these strides forward without our brilliant team behind us. Our Bristol based office provides a basecamp for our core team and we have other team members working remotely around the world. We are guided by our leadership team who have over 30 years of experience within the telecommunications and networking industry, so we’re in safe and experienced hands.

There are many ways to provide customer support but we pride ourselves on giving businesses the ability to share status information with the people who matter. With our platform you can empower your support teams and customers, which leads to faster resolution of issues, a reduction in operational costs and happier stakeholders.

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NetMinded Team - Nick Randall

Nick Randall

Managing Director

NetMinded Team - Tam Love-Pryde

Tam Love-Pryde

Head of Design & Development

NetMinded Team - Ross Loveridge

Ross Loveridge

Customer Experience Lead

NetMinded Team - Callum Randall

Callum Randall

Customer Experience Lead

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